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Horrible fact that you cannot afford to ignore:

Fact #1: Nearly 90% of those over 65 years of age have at least one chronic disease.
Fact #2: Over 99% of all the people on earth die from disease when they get old.
Fact #3: American spend an average of about $600,000 of medical cost in a lifetime. 
Fact #4: In 2010, there are 5,961,568 cases of reported dependent adult abuse in America.

In the coming years, many people will die with pain from heart disease, cancer or lung disease...Many will be disabled by stroke...A lot more will be abused...

The big question is...

How can you be sure you will not be one of them?
Are you now paying big medical expense, suffering with a painful disease, being abused or not feeling good?

How you can live without suffering and being abused, save hundred of thousand of dollars in medical cost, and die comfortably when you get old.

Dear friend,  

You may be surprised how can a person use $600,000 of medical service and product. But take a look at this:  Photo not available

(1) The average cost of 3 days of hospital stay is about $20,000

(2) The average cost of a C T scan procedure is about $1,500

(3) The cost of 8 weeks of chemotherapy can easily add up to as much as $30,000

(4) The average cost of a bypass heart surgery is about $30,000

(5) 5 hours of emergency room care can cost you about $5,000

There is no surprise at all if you are at your old age with disease. With most of the medical cost incurred in a person's lifetime is at his or her old age, a younger person may hardly imagine how medical cost can cost a fortune.

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Take a look at the medical bill above. Can you see that the cost of one day stay in an intensive care unit in a hospital is $12,356. This medical bill is for one incident of a lung disease. Total cost is $97,968.05.

If you have several incidents of  major disease in a lifetime, it is easy to add up to $600,000. I know, it is a lot of money. As a matter of fact, many people go bankrupted because they cannot pay their medical bill. Over 60% of personal bankruptcy filed in US are due to medical bill they cannot pay. Do you know that 79% of medical-related bankruptcy filers had some form of health insurance? Health insurance not necessarily can protect yourself.


Have you ever have cancer before? If you have, you know how hurtful it is to go through the therapy. If you have not, good for you. But you never know when it will strike you. Photo not available
Cancer is a very common disease. Many people, young and old, can have cancer. The probability of having cancer in a lifetime is about 40%. You are very likely you will have cancer.

Cancer treatment is expensive. Many people do not get themselves treated because they cannot afford them. Even if you have the money, you may not be guaranteed that you can be treated and recover. Statistic show that the mortality of cancer is about 35%. That means about 14% of the world population will eventually die from cancer. It is a major killer in human being.

Another major killer is heart attack. Statistic show that the probability of having a heart attack in a lifetime is about 35% in the US. The mortality is about 33%. Can you see how high is the probability one can have heart attack or even die from it?

Do you want to die now? "No, I won't. I still have something I want to do. Even I want to die, I cannot die right now. I have responsibility. I have people I need to take care of." Those are the common answers. How about you, my friend? I bet you do not want to die now. Yes, indeed, who want to die, especially when we are young.

"Death can be good; it is the end of all the problems I have in my life", some might as well say. But there are diseases that can disable you instead of killing you. Stroke is one of them. In America, people has 19% chance to have stroke. Stroke cause disability in 2/3 of all cases. It is the leading cause of physical disability. You have a pretty good chance to be disabled if you have stroke. And the probability of having a stroke is not low either.

Can you imagine what your life can be if you are disabled. You are confined to a wheelchair. It is hard for you to go to places you want to go or to do things you like to do. It is no fun.



It is even worse if you have mental disability which can result from diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, meningitis, dementia or Parkinson's disease. Photo not available

Life with mental disability is horrible. You cannot even take care of yourself and you need other people to take care of to live on. You may be manipulated. People can be so dammed cruel. There is a problem in ethic on earth. They may abuse and humiliate you. Oh, boy, don't even let them.

According to statistics, 55% of the disabled population suffer from malnutrition, dehydration and lack of healthcare. Their need of food, water and hygiene are neglected. 14.9% suffer from physical abuse such as hitting, kicking or unwanted sex. 12.3% experience exploitation of their asset such as property, money and valuable belongings. 8% suffer from emotional abuse such as scolding, isolation, or threatening. Do these facts show you how cruel people are?

Photo not availableStudies show that 22.5% of the abuse against the disabled is committed by physician and healthcare providers. 16.3% is committed by family members such as their own children, brother and sister or even spouse. 15% by home healthcare providers. 8% by friend and neighbor. Law enforcement agents also account for
5% of the abuse against the helpless dependent. My friend, only you can protect yourself.
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About 15% of US population has some type of disability ranging from mild to severe. 7.75% has a severe disability such as blind and the mental disability. Approximately, 15% of the world population has a disability. 54% of the people who is 65 or over has a disability. 65% of those who is 75 or over has a disability. More than 90% of the people who will die within a month cannot take care of themselves.


If you can escape the above common diseases human being can have, there are many Photo not available other diseases you may have should you be ignorant or careless: arthritis, tuberculosis, hypertension, bronchitis, hepatitis, diabetes, influenza, head injury, kidney failure, and osteoporosis, to name a few. Nearly 90% of those over 65 years of age have at least one chronic disease.

According to World Health Organization, only 5% of world population are truly healthy. The remaining 95% either have some kind of disease or in a state of sub-health. Those in a state of sub-health may be developing disease, although there is no defined disease can be diagnosed yet by a doctor. You better know the causes of the diseases that human being can have and be careful to prevent them. The person in sub-health may experience itching, pain, feeling of discomfort, moody or nothing at all. Check the causes of diseases to see if you have any of them especially you have the above symptoms.

Photo not availableSome of the diseases are acute, they can kill you pretty quick. Others are chronic, they can harm your body or slowly deteriorate your body to death.

In the process of deterioration, there are long-time suffering, painful ache, costly medical expense, sorrow, dependency and finally waiting miserably to die. Can you imagine how horrible it can be?

Eventually, they will die of disease painfully. This is what most people end up with.


Are we doomed to all these? No. Bear with me and read on.

After a person die, doctor will put down the name of the major diseases the dead person has at the time of death as the cause of death in the death certificate. If the dead person does not have a disease record and the doctor cannot identify the cause of death, the doctor may put down "old age" as the cause of death if the dead person indeed is old. Statistics show that there is less than 1% of death certificate in the US has "old age" as the cause of death.

Studies show that all of the people who die of old age without disease will likely pass away during their sleep. Passing away during sleep without disease is painless. This has been experienced and told by people who has near-death experience.

To show you how it is like, let me tell you about my grandmother.

My grandmother has died of old age and passed away in her sleep. To the best of my knowledge, she has never seen any doctor in her whole life. The most serious disease she has ever had was common cold. She did not see a doctor or even took any medicine for her cold. She drank orange juice and took rest often during her cold. In a few days or a week at the most, she could recovered completely every time she had a cold.

Photo not availableMy grandma was pretty independent. She liked to do things herself. After my grandpa died, she pretty much lived independently although we lived together. She liked to eat at home and cooked her own meals. She cooked for herself even at her 90.

I can still recall the day before my grandma died. We did not see anything wrong. As usual, my grandma woke up early and did her routine exercise outdoor in the fresh air. She then cooked and ate breakfast with me. After breakfast, she took a short rest and read the newspaper. At about noon time, she cooked and ate her lunch. I didn't join her because I had some leftover from last dinner. She took a nap after her lunch. She woke up and attended her nursery where she grow some vegetables. My grandma had dinner with us that evening. After dinner, we watched TV together with grandma. At about ten o'clock, grandma went to her own room. At about eleven o'clock, I heard my mother open my grandma bedroom door. This was her usual routine making sure grandma was at sleep and OK before she went to bed. That was a Friday night.

I stayed late in my bedroom studying until two o'clock Saturday morning. I did not hear a thing before I went to bed. I woke up at about eight and found grandma was not at courtyard exercising. I was curious and went to her bedroom. I found her lying on the bed. She supposed to be up exercising at this time. So I went up to her and pushed her trying to wake her up. She did not response. So I put my finger under her nose and found she was not breathing. I knew she was dead. Obviously she died during her sleep.  She died peacefully without pain in her comfortable home.

Photo not availableLive independently and healthily. No abuse. No major disease. No medical cost. No pain. Die comfortably. She even can cook for herself the night before she died. Don't you like to live and die like my grandmother?

No doubt about that, isn't it a silly question? People are trying to do it. I know, but why is that so many people have disease and so many people die of disease? Obviously, some are not trying it and many are not doing it properly.


Hi, I am Bill. I hold a BA degree with study in Health Science and Technology. I am a nutritionist and I like to look into the life of my grandmother. It is an interesting case. I know why my grandma die in her sleep without disease. My grandma must have attained an optimal health condition. In Health Science, we call the people who have attained an optimal health condition is in a state of CLEAR. It is usually those who is CLEAR can die of old age without disease. She has personally proved that human can die in sleep without disease. I am more interested in how she has attained CLEAR. I have recollected and written down the trivia of her lifestyle and habit of living. I have found out that she has observed the principle of attaining CLEAR.

I have conducted investigations and studies of 100 cases with people who have died of old age as the cause of death. I have found out that all of them died in their sleep.  Further studies about their lifestyle and habit of living reveal that their lifestyle and habit of living and the lifestyle and habit of living of my grandma have many characteristics in common. This can support the fact that all healthy human can attain CLEAR with proper lifestyle and habit of living.

I am willing to share my knowledge and finding with you so that you can benefit from it.  I Foto no available have written an eBook called "Guide To A Beautiful Life"

In this eBook, I will show you how you can attain CLEAR.  

Listen, my friend, this eBook is valuable.

(1) If you can keep yourself CLEAR until you die, you will have no disease and no medical cost in your whole life. You will save hundred of thousand of dollars in medical cost.

(2) You can live independently and take care of yourself so that nobody can abuse you especially when you are old.

(3) If you can keep yourself CLEAR, you will feel good all the time, and have no pain and suffering.

(4) If you can be CLEAR when you are old,  you can die comfortably when you get old.

(5) If you try, you can minimize your medical cost, pain and suffering, even though you cannot attain CLEAR.

Here are the feedback I got


Pardon me, I cannot give you the eBook for free. This is a valuable eBook and I have spent many years to write the eBook. This eBook has a fair market value of $30 and has a potential cost-saving value of thousand of dollars. But if you order right now, I let you have it for only $20. This offer is for a limited time only. Soon I will change back to $30.


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